Gather and make your mark

The future of digital brushes is now in your hands. Turn an object into a digital brush to use on any device. Create your own and share your art.

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Tap into ancient practices in fun new ways


Go outside and find cool things in nature. Stuff like twigs, rocks or seashells.


Collect your objects into the digital world. Upload your findings for everyone to use.

Make Marks

Download brushes from around the world. Play and use them in your creative projects.

Upload your gatherings

We made it very easy for you to share your findings. Just click the button below. This opens up a simple form where you can submit. Once you're ready, the Library will be updated automatically.

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Meet the founder

  Togather started as a passion project for Dilruba Tayfun. She would go out, find twigs to take home, get inks out and make marks & illustrations with them. Then she started making digital brushes, connecting her love for nature with technology. By day Dilruba Tayfun is a Jr. Graphic designer for Tomtom. By night, weekend and free moment she is the mind, spirit and founder of Togather.

  Wanna get in touch? Write us at play@togather.fun