Our Mission

  Our mission is to encourage users to appreciate the world we have and we’re doing this through 3d brushes. Participating with Togather means that you can provide someone on the other side of the world with a tool that is free, unique and speaks of the location it was found at without it having to leave its home on the ground. It also means that you can create and learn through their findings.

Voluptas nemo voluptas.

Our Vision

  In the same way that we cannot pour from an empty cup, we cannot continue to gather from a depleting environment. We want to form collecting initiatives and support seed banks. We can raise awareness of deforestation by documenting our surroundings. By these means as well as education, communication and grit, we will see those surroundings become more green.

Meet the team:

Voluptas nemo voluptas.

Dilruba Tayfun

  Our Team Leader but also an Amsterdam-based artist and designer hoping to show the magic in mark-making. By day Dilruba Tayfun is a Jr. Graphic designer for Tomtom. By night, weekend and free moment she is the mind, spirit and founder of Togather.

  Get in touch: dilruba.tayfun@gmail.com

Marie-Claire Springham

  As a product and digital designer, Marie-Claire Springham transforms everyday activities into pleasures. As a swing dance and music enthusiast, she explores the outer limits to see just how much Lindy Hop a person can fit into a working week…  

  Get in touch: marie-clairespringham@hotmail.co.uk

Voluptas nemo voluptas.

Ruben de Haas


As well as an artist, designer, and maker based in Amsterdam, Ruben de Haas is also a globetrotter who likes mixing cheese with Hagelslag, Japanese rice and testing how much ink a marker contains. He also likes supporting the creative projects of others.

  Get in touch: hi@coloruben.com

Ari Snow

  We at Togather have Ari to thank for the weekly logbook videos as well as several drafts of of the final pitch for the Sony Talent League. Ari is the Creative Director at xStudio Snow as well as an experienced photographer, videographer and editor. He has been with us the whole way, documenting the project as it unfolds.

  Get in touch: ari.snow94@gmail.com

Voluptas nemo voluptas.

New Talent

  Want to pitch in and help build our big dreams? Send us a message with your best “who, how and why” and maybe we can find you a spot :)

Got a Question?


A collaboration? An update? Contact us at hello@togather.fun